Inner strength and balance: for personal and professional performance

EnglishBeing yourself and working from your own strengths makes you happy and creative. It ensures there is balance in your work and private life and equilibrium between ideals and daily reality. This makes an essential contribution to the performance and welfare of individual employees and their organisation.
Mees ten Oever Coaching & Consultancy demonstrates that personal performance goes hand in hand with professional performance and willingly helps you to find and rediscover the right balance through personal coaching, training or individual consulting.

Preventive investment

Preventive investment in guidance maintains talent and saves costs. Stress and stress related complaints are in fact responsible for at least one third of the total entrants to the Occupational Disability Insurance scheme (WIA). Young women are particularly at risk; they have four to five times greater chance of finding themselves drawing Occupational Disability Insurance benefits. High costs are associated with premature loss of talented employees. The first year of absence alone can cost two annual salaries.
Tiredness, indifference, dissatisfaction and resistance are therefore some of the signals demanding attention.
But also new situations, for example following a reorganisation or change in position indicate a need for extra support.

Mees ten Oever Coaching & Consultancy offers a way out including

Personal development: empowerment – growth and balance

  • How can you achieve a balance between authenticity and all kinds of role patterns?
  • Work towards understanding your personal performance and the effect it can have on others.
  • How do you find the correct balance between feelings and rationale?

Career development: career contemplation

  • Gain understanding of personal values, motivation and limitations.
  • Which work situation and position fit the best?
  • Establish a step by step plan to gather knowledge and skills.

Reintegration: prevention and recovery

  • What takes up energy and what exactly does having energy achieve?
  • Recognise situations causing stress and deal with them effectively.
  • How can you deal with differences of opinion and conflicts?

Female development: the balance between female and male qualities

  • How can you achieve a better balance?
  • How can you maintain your female characteristics in a male environment?
  • How can you increase your assertiveness and cope in the domain of political forces?

Committed and effective approach

By asking the right questions, listening carefully and suggesting new lines of approach, the coach/consultant Henriëtte Mees ten Oever helps to create more space for the emotions and the underlying motivation and convictions. Only then can change take place resulting in new and more effective behaviour.
As external coach/consultant she offers guidance from outside the hierarchical relationships within an organisation. By her involvement and the confidential nature of her activities the discussions reach the heart of the matter more quickly. This contributes to manageable solutions with which both the organisation and the individual can proceed. Because ultimately only clear results can demonstrate that personal performance goes hand in hand with professional performance.

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